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One-of-a kind Jewelry

Insieme is a collection of jewellery inspired by ancient civilizations.

All creations are lovingly designed and handcrafted in silver, plated with 24-karat gold and natural precious stones.

All of our pieces are handmade in Barcelona, Supporting the local craftsmanship and taking care of quality and environmental impact at every step of the way, we can find all our suppliers in 30km surrounding our studio. Our jewellery is completely produced by family run businesses, we love the passion and the attention to detail they have on everything they do.

Ancient Jewelry

“Jewelry is the world’s oldest art form, predating cave paintings by tens of thousands of years”

History says that about 40,000 years back, the first jewelry was worn by the Cro-Magnons, ancestors of Homo sapiens, since then, Jewelry has always told a story, providing insight into the social and economic climate of a certain period in history.

The Story

Insieme is a project of a mother and a daughter that comes as a wish from long ago but finally became reality in 2020, it has been the opportunity to bring their passion to life. We are proud of creating special pieces of Jewelry that have soul and tell a story that will travel with you on your own adventures, a kind of talisman that mixes the old with the new creating something timelessness.

We understand that jewelry is a deeply personal and emotional purchase, that’s why we always wanted to do exclusive pieces, different from the rest, with an story behind.

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